Saturday, June 26, 2010

Antalya on the Turkish Riviera

On June 20th we flew to Antalya, the seaside resort capital of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. In Antalya, with its one million people and considered the Turkish Riviera(used mostly by Russians, Germans and Romanians), we visited the Hanedan Carpet Gallery which was very educational. The carpet Master explained all the different kinds of rugs and the values associated with the quality of the rugs. He also gave a lot of treatment suggestions for the care of the rugs. He said that if you ever got a burn on the rug to gently rub it with sandpaper. He also said always wash the rugs with soap and water, never send them to the drycleaners.

In the identification of rugs, white tassels on rugs means they are made from wool/cotton. Grey tassels mean wool/wool and white mixed with brown/beige identify the rug as silk. Braided tassels means the weaver was not married while braided tassels tied together mean the weaver was married.

Pictured in the post: Fluted Minaret at Antalya; our group overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and Michelle doing some rug shopping

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