Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fatih University and Zaman Newspaper

Again we visited a beautiful educational facility, Fatih University in Istanbul. Dr. Caksu gave us a thorough briefing on the curriculum with emphasis on law, economics, medicine and languages. They have 700 international sutdents from 70 countries with over 10,000 students attending the University. Most classes are taught in English and the University provides the textboooks. 1.5 million young people take the enterance exam each year. More information can be gotten from Dr. Caksu did encourage sister university programs.

Zaman Newspaper was an exciting visit. Our briefing was conducted as we watched the news reporters preparing for publication. They do investigative reporting and sell their news to newspapers through out the Middle East. TODAY'S ZAMAN comes out in an English version and was read by all of us whenever we could get one of them. And of all things the brother of our dear friend in Tacoma, Turan Kayaoglu works at ZAMAN. Everytime Jessie saw someone who looked like Turan, she would run and embrace them with hugs from Washington. We made a lot of friends that way but no brother. Finally he showed up, looking so dapper and showing so much resemblance to Turan. Everyone had a good visit with him.

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