Saturday, June 19, 2010

Artemis and Kusadasi

For the rest of our trip we were joined by Yavuz Bayam who recently received his Ph. D. from U.C. Davis and is back living in Istanbul with his family (but says he possibly will return to work in the U.S. at some point).

REST and RELAXATION: Kusadasi was the winner all around~!! Sun REST and long walks along the beach....and only 4705 steps today.

We experienced a visit to a our first school, The Yamanlar Ozyurt school, founded with G├╝len movement principals (a transnational civic organization founded by Fethullah Gulen). We visited with two ESL teachers. One from the private school that works on English up to 8 hours a day. The public school teacher only has eight hours a week!!! Their examination program begins at grade 6, 7, 8 and then 4 years of high school with focus on Science. Recently they are expanding their focus toward the humanities. Most of their time is spent teaching for the examinations. Those who do not pass the examinations will be directed toward technical programs or other educational opportunities. In their improving educational opportunities for more learing in Eastern Turkey, they have established "study halls" to enhance their general education. Both the private and the public education have their curriculum regulated by the government. One percent of the students pass the examinations into university.

The ESL program follows the Cambridge University system. There is very little special education taught in either of the schools. Due to the examination system, the handicapped are trained in crafts and other service venues.

We will be visiting a university within days.
Artemis as the Lady of Ephesus is pictured above.

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